Sometimes, the picture to me, but I'll think of something. Today will be a dreambird...

I'm testing out a new technology, and to put my work in and let it dry. Suddenly, I see the blue, free and happy! I don't want to let go of it and get a picture. The next question is: how does my dreambird look like?

When I painted the bird, I recalled a movie that I watched in childhood. The film is the story of a little girl who is looking for her dreambird. She went to different worlds and trying to capture their dream come true, and every time she caught a bird of a different world, it turned out that it wasn't her dreambird: one of them was black, not the blue one, the one the other bird was a white, and a third bird died because it didn't fit in her world .. The movie was all about the us and only in our dreams...

Your dream could be clear, in your dream, it can be not clear. Your dream may be close to you, and at the same time, far, far away.

The dreambird have to be .... Then, I decide on a hummingbird: a tiny, fast, beautiful birds.

The colours I have chosen with care: it is metallic, and the sapphire, and topaz. In order to get the shadows I used the cameleontcolor blue and purple.

Yes, I am very happy with my dreambird. This is my baby's favorite right now.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the dreambird and catch your own dreambird . Don't be afraid! Dream!

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